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  • Feature Happy Tenth Birthday to the PlayStation 3

    This is living

    Looking back on it, the PlayStation 3 was such a fascinating console. It had the worst start in life: overpriced, difficult to develop for, a commercial catastrophe – the device was a disaster. But Sony and its growing unit of first-party developers really changed the image of the console over time, releasing hit after hit, and...

  • News A Very Happy Fourth Birthday to Our Fave Handheld, PS Vita

    Let's have a portable party

    Go, go, go, go! Go, go, go, Vita... ... It's your birthday. We're gon' party like it's your birthday. We're gon' play Uncharted like it's your birthday.And y'know we don't give a flip about sales numbers. Four years ago today, the PlayStation Vita launched in Japan alongside a solid software lineup including Uncharted:...

  • News A Huge Happy Birthday to the PS4 on Its Second Birthday

    Party like it's 2013

    Much like a nipper, the PlayStation 4 has been walking the walk for a while, but on its second birthday, it's starting to talk the talk, too. For those of you that don't remember, on this day two years ago, Sony's new-gen system launched in North America. The rest of the world was made to wait a couple of weeks as the Japanese...

  • News PlayStation's Sending Out Super Cute Birthday Gifts

    Many happy returns

    The secret to corporate success was simple all along: you just have to pretend to be your consumer's friend. Sony cottoned onto this at the start of the generation, making silly videos about used games and reminding us that it cares. And now Microsoft has stumbled upon the strategy, with gaffer Phil Spencer whispering sweet...

  • Talking Point What Are Your PS4 Launch Memories?

    Rose-tinted glasses

    Circumstances have made this week deadly negative on Push Square, so we’re looking to inject a little more positivity into proceedings by remembering the PlayStation 4’s launch. It’s been 12 months since Sony dropped its next-gen system onto store shelves in North America, and we’ve decided to bring our team together in...

  • News Happy Birthday to You, PlayStation 4

    Party like it's your birthday

    Apparently, today marks the anniversary of the PlayStation 4’s release in North America, which means that you should probably take a moment to toast your super system – all to the backdrop of 50 Cent’s infectious In Da Club. Seriously, though, has it really been a year already? This particular author

  • Feature PlayStation Vita Is One Year Old, Here Are Five Games You Must Play

    Happy birthday to you

    Much like those people forced to celebrate their birthday on Christmas Eve, the PlayStation Vita’s first anniversary on the market has been somewhat overshadowed by the impending PlayStation 4. But we couldn’t let the handheld’s big day pass without a commemoration of some sort, so we’ve compiled a list of five of the...