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  • Review Grow Up (PS4)

    Just playing the game, having a BUD

    It was perhaps a little surprising to see a sequel to last year's botanical platforming adventure Grow Home, especially one that would release so swiftly. Grow Up released less than 12 months after its predecessor, and we were curious to find out what could've changed in that short space of time. As it turns out,...

  • News Grow Up on 16th August with PS4 Platformer

    Pre-order promotion dates several titles

    It'll be time for you to Grow Up next month, as Ubisoft's buccaneering 'bot BUD embarks on an all-new adventure on the PlayStation 4 from 16th August. The sequel to Grow Home has been dated as part of a pre-order promotion on the European PlayStation Store, which sees PlayStation Plus members securing...

  • E3 2016 Grow Home Sequel Grow Up Announced

    Moving on up

    BUD is back in a new adventure, entitled Grow Up. For fear of stating the obvious, this sequel to the experimental original sees the cute little robot clambering and soaring to ever higher heights - this time without the guidance of MOM. Take a look at the announcement trailer. It retains the colourful, polygonal aesthetic of Grow...