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  • E3 2016 Is Grow Up the Sequel to Grow Home?

    A new leaf?

    The European games ratings board, PEGI, may have inadvertently stolen a little of Ubisoft's thunder. A page on its website currently lists a rating for a new game, entitled Grow Up. It sounds to us like a sequel to the cutesy, 3D platformer Grow Home, with PEGI's rating of 3"" backing this up somewhat. Another interesting tidbit is the...

  • News PS4 Freebie Grow Home Is Ubisoft's Fastest Ever PlayStation Download

    BUD for you

    It won the Vote to Play poll on the PlayStation 4, but there's more good news for Grow Home's botanical bot BUD, as the platformer has become Ubisoft's fastest ever download on PlayStation formats. The game exceeded 1.5 million "sales" within its first week – but this success can of course be attributed to the fact that it was given...

  • Review Grow Home (PS4)

    Son of a beech

    Grow Home is yet another small indie-esque release from Ubisoft, following closely in the footsteps of Child of Light and Valiant Hearts. It combines unique gameplay, a stunning graphical style, and a cute story about robots and plants in an attempt to recreate the sensation of rock-climbing. But does this plucky platformer climb to...

  • Rumour Grow Home Rooting Down on PS4

    PC platformer sprouting out

    Grow Home, the quirky plant-based platformer from Driver developer Ubisoft Reflections, looks like it will be taking seed on the PlayStation 4 soon. A video promoting the system's new Vote to Play feature included the title alongside Zombie Vikings and Armello, and while it may be there merely for ill