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  • News Gran Turismo Sport Shown at 8K on New Sony TV at CES 2019

    4K is so 2018

    Television manufacturers often play a demo reel on their brand new displays in order to best show off their products to the public. You know the ones -- there's usually footage of glitzy cityscapes, swimming polar bears, and fields of flowers, all of it beautifully crisp to entice shoppers. Well, Sony has been using Gran Turismo Sport...

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    Review Gran Turismo Sport


    We’ve always taken Gran Turismo’s slogan, “the real driving simulator”, to be something of an underhand admission. Polyphony Digital’s simulation series may have repeatedly set standards in the physics department, but it’s never been much of a racer really – even if flinging a flat-tired Fiat Panda around the auburn Autumn Ring...