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  • Review Gorogoa (PS4)

    Goro-go and buy this game

    Have you ever played one of those games where it became immediately apparent that you had something special on your hands? Something so good that it may well fundamentally change the manner in which you play and think about games? Well this is Gorogoa. And it just so happens to be one of those games. Publisher Annapurna...

  • News Acclaimed Puzzle Game Gorogoa Coming to PS4

    Panel show

    About a year ago, we went hands on with the intriguing puzzle game Gorogoa, and came away very impressed. At the time, platforms for release were uncertain, but the game recently launched on Switch, PC, and iOS to universal critical praise. The good news, then, is that the curious puzzler is coming to PlayStation 4. Exactly when is...

  • Hands On Incredible Puzzle Game Gorogoa Needs to Come to PS4

    Port begging

    Publisher Annapurna Interactive brought four games with it to PAX East 2017, and the one that was by far the busiest all weekend was the incredible and unique puzzle game, Gorogoa. A hand-drawn point-and-click puzzle game, Gorogoa revolves around utilising four panels that function almost like a comic. You start with just one panel and...