Tag: Good News

  • News Resident Evil 6 Shuffles Forward to October Release

    Cites "tasty autumn brains"

    Zombies don't like fire, but they're not too fond of the cold either, which could go some way to explaining why Capcom's brought its big Christmas title Resident Evil 6 forward by nearly two months to early October. Previously set for release in late November, the game's now due for 2nd October, meaning it'll be among the...

  • News GAME Exits Administration, Stores to Remain Open

    Good news, everyone

    GAME Group's out of administration less than a week after it entered. Investment group OpCapita and Baker Acquisitions Limited negotiated a deal that will see all remaining stores continue to trade, securing the jobs of some 3,200 staff. Here's hoping this signals the start of an upswing for the chain.

  • News Move Sales Catching Up with Kinect

    The gap is closing

    While Microsoft seems happy beating the drum of Kinect sensor sales, Sony hasn't been quite so vocal about how many PlayStation Move controllers it's sold. According to Industry Gamers that's not due to shame, as recent figures supposedly put Move close to matching Kinect's life-to-date sales. The site claims Move is as little as...

  • News Sony to Remove Sorcery's Invisibility Cloak Next Month

    Wands at the ready

    It's been close to five months since we last heard anything about Sorcery, when Sony told us the game was still in development. Now the company has said we'll all see more of the much-anticipated Move title next month. Sony told IGN that the game is still in the works and will be shown off to press at December's holiday showcase...

  • News Capcom Reloads Two Resident Evil Chronicles for Move

    Get the Umbrella

    We were surprised when Capcom decided not to implement PlayStation Move controls in Resident Evil 4 HD, particularly considering it had worked them into Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, but the series is about to add two more games to its Move library. Capcom Japan just announced Resident Evil Chronicles HD (well, Biohazard Chronicles...

  • News PlayStation Vita Hardware is Region-Free

    Import with impunity

    With the news of a significant delay for gamers in the West, many are looking to Japan to satiate their desire for PlayStation Vita this Christmas. Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has some good news, then: the console is region-free. When asked via Twitter if the machine would be region-free, Yoshida simply replied...

  • News PlayStation Store is Back Online

    Throw your caps in the air

    It's taken 43 days to come back, but the PlayStation Store is finally available again in North America, Europe and most Asian territories. While the Welcome Back content isn't available yet, the store has been updated with stacks of new content, so have a browse through and see what's available. What will you buy now the...

  • News PSN Phased Roll Out Begins, Start Changing Passwords Now

    Kaz Hirai sent you a message

    The green light is on: power up your PS3 and you'll be greeted by the familiar sight of a mandatory firmware update, pushing your system software up to v3.61. This will allow you to log in and change your PlayStation Network account password, securing your personal details from prying eyes. Sony Computer Entertainment...