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  • Review Get Even (PS4)

    Back to the drawing board

    Get Even is a first-person psychological horror game that showed quite a bit of promise pre-release, but the final version fails to capitalise on what it does differently and, in amalgamation with a number of other flaws, none of its potential is anywhere near realised. The title attempts to blend your typical shooter with...

  • News Get Even Postponed Due to Manchester Bomb Attack

    Will now release 23rd June

    Bandai Namco has decided to postpone the release of psychological horror Get Even on the PlayStation 4 until 23rd June. The title was originally intended to launch this Friday, but due to the tragic events in Manchester last night, publisher Bandai Namco has decided to push the release back out of respect to the...

  • Gamescom 2016 Get Even on PS4 in Spring 2017

    Pain killer

    Surreal horror game Get Even was announced eons ago for the PlayStation 4, and finally appears to be ready for primetime. Developed by Polish firm The Farm 51 in collaboration with Bandai Namco, the game – when it was originally announced in 2014 at least – promised to blend single player and multiplayer into one distorted game...

  • News PS4's Virtual Reality Headset Will Get Even with The Farm 51's Support

    Presence present

    It’s been a while since we heard, well, anything about Painkiller creator The Farm 51’s purportedly photorealistic first-person shooter Get Even. However, it seems that the announcement of Project Morpheus has proved too exciting for the