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  • News Fuser 2020 Backstage Pass Kicks Off

    Lots of DLC through the end of the year

    Fuser dropped earlier this month, and we were absolutely blown away by how impressive the title was. Offering an incredible toolkit, Fuser empowers even those with no musical talent to craft masterpieces out of major artists' music. One of our biggest fears, though, was there wouldn't be a consistent pipeline...

  • Review Fuser (PS4) - A Bold New Frontier for Rhythm Games

    A real banger

    Harmonix, through the years, has carved out a huge niche as the head of the rhythm game movement. One of, if not the only constant for music games, Harmonix has created an impressive array of revolutionary titles. Starting with Frequency and Amplitude, running through the Guitar Hero and Rock Band craze, and Audica last year, we now...

  • News FUSER Mixes Billie Eilish with Lizzo for A DJ Experience on PS4, Coming Later This Year

    Bad Guy

    FUSER is the next video game from Rock Band developer Harmonix, but instead of the instrument in your hands making all the music, it'll be the turn of the computer and a DJ deck. Coming to PlayStation 4 towards the end of 2020, it's a title all about remixing the world's most popular songs. Check out the announcement trailer above for more...