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    Review XBLAZE Code: Embryo


    A visual novel prequel to the BlazBlue fighting games, XBlaze Code: Embryo has been available on the PlayStation Vita in Japan since July 2013, and North America since June 2014. Having finally reached European players, has it been worth the wait? The premise of the game is relatively simple. The main character, Touya, is faced with a...

  • News Funbox Media Serves Order Up!! For Move

    Take a bite

    Update: Funbox Media tells us the game isn't out until December. Phew! Here's one that passed us by: culinary title Order Up!! — the two exclamation marks are important — is coming to PS3 with Move support. An enhanced version of a game originally released on Wii several years ago, Order Up!! allows two players to go head-to-head in...

  • News Former Wii Title 'Order Up!!' Heads To PlayStation 3 With Move Support

    Until roughly ten minutes ago we'd never heard of PlayStation Move powered Nintendo Wii port, Order Up

    !</a>. But watching the game's debut Windows Movie Maker produced trailer got us up to speed. The game promises to put you in the shoes "of a top-notch Chef and restaurateur", utilising the PlayStation Move controller to flip...