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  • Review Flame Over (PS4)

    Burn baby burn

    Flame Over's hot stuff for two reasons: it's got an eye for terribad puns and if you invest the effort it's actually a lot of fun. Laughing Jackal's self-described pyroguelike launched on the PlayStation Vita earlier in the year, offering the fiercest fire fighting foray on PlayStation since Konami's forgotten third-person douser...

  • Review Flame Over (PlayStation Vita)

    Prepare to fry

    Real world fire fighting requires perseverance, and Flame Over, a PlayStation Vita roguelike from British indie Laughing Jackal, demands a similar level of dedication. You control the ironically named Blaze, a London-based fireman with a big hat and a bushy moustache. Your objective is to work your way through the various randomly...