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  • Video Yes We Cat! Becoming a Kitty with PlayStation VR


    When you're feline four-legged then there's finally an avenue for you to unleash your inner-moggie: Catlateral Damage has been updated with PlayStation VR support, enabling you to finally transform into the purr-fect pet that you've always wanted to be. Or not, actually, as the aim of the game here is to use your new mog abilities to make...

  • Review Catlateral Damage (PS4)

    You’ve gotta be kitten me

    That's right: the cat puns start early. Not even the title of this fur-st purr-son mess-making game was able to escape the witty claws of developer Chris Chung, and his creation is littered with word play (guess what the pause menu is called). Catlateral Damage has been available on the PC for about a year already, so it...