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  • Rumour XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus May Be Crash Landing on Vita

    XCOM: Release date unknown

    Strategy lovers rejoice, as the ESRB has recently passed down a 'mature' rating for XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus on PlayStation Vita. The as yet unannounced game will presumably be a port of Firaxis Games' popular intergalactic strategy game. For our money, this type of title is exactly the sort of experience the system was...

  • News XCOM: Enemy Unknown Appeases Fans, Returns To Strategy

    If you were one of those people that hopped straight onto NeoGAF to voice your disgust at 2K Marin's first-person XCOM reboot, then this announcement is for you; the latest issue of Game Informer magazine has revealed that Civilization developer Firaxis Games is currently working on a new XCOM title named XCOM: Enemy Unkown -- and, yes, it's a strategy game

    The title is planned for PlayStation 3 this fall, and while details are currently scarce, a full blowout is included in this month's Game Informer magazine. Interestingly, the first XCOM release was subtitled "Enemy Unknown", though it's not believed that this ne...