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  • Review Spheroids (PS4)

    Oh dearoid

    Spheroids is a 2D platformer made up of pixel-art environments. We understand that that's about as off-putting as an opening line of a review can be, but that's what Spheroids is – and it doesn't do very much else. Set in a world in which circular aliens called – get ready – spheroids have invaded Earth, it's up to our protagonist...

  • Review Tachyon Project (PS4)

    The bare bones project

    Tachyon Project is a port of a game that launched on other platforms in the summer of 2015 – an arcade-style twin-stick shooter that proudly wears its influences on its sleeves. Or perhaps that's influence in the singular sense: the game looks, sounds, and even feels incredibly like Bizarre Creations' Geometry Wars 3:...