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  • News EA Access Confirmed for PS4, Arrives This Summer

    Subscription service priced and detailed

    After much speculation and whole lotta rumours (some of them originating all the way back in 2017), EA has finally confirmed that its subscription service, EA Access, is coming to PlayStation 4. Previously, Sony had seemed dismissive of the service, essentially saying that it was poor value for money i


  • News PS4 Referenced in EA Access Source Code, Adding Fuel to the Fire

    Where there's smoke

    It does seem like EA Access will release on the PlayStation 4 in the near future, as the service was recently spotted on the Brazilian PlayStation Store, and now references to Sony’s console have been discovered on the subscription’s website. While it’s far from conclusive proof, when you consider that t

  • Rumour EA Access Spotted on Brazilian PlayStation Store

    Is it coming to PS4?

    There's nothing like a ropey image to lend credence to a rumour, is there? You may recall publisher EA mention during a conference call that it plans to bring its subscription service, EA Access, to "another major platform" in 2019. Many assumed this major platform to be PlayStation 4, despite Sony's initial stance against it,...


  • News EA Access May Finally Be Making Its Way to the PS4

    Publisher hints that it may be

    Early in the generation, when Microsoft would have chopped off its own arm for a public relations win, EA Access was a big point of conversation. The subscription service – which Sony controversially blocked on the PlayStation 4 – effectively provides, er, access to a vault of older Electronic Arts titles. It also...


  • News Is Subscription Service EA Access Finally Coming to the PS4?

    EA hints at more platforms

    Prior to launch, Sony insinuated that EA Access represented poor value for money, and that hasn’t really turned out to be true. The service has, in fact, gone from strength-to-strength – and it certainly hasn’t culminated in a glut of copy cats from rival publishers like Activision and Ubisoft. Not yet, anyway. And...


  • Poll Should Sony Allow EA Access on PS4?

    Changing minds

    Back in 2014 when EA Access was announced, Sony said that it didn’t think the service represented value for money. An annual subscription like PlayStation Plus, the optional membership includes admission to a vault of games which can be downloaded and played as part of a subscription, and also unlocks early access to new rel



  • News It Doesn't Matter That EA Access Isn't on PS4, Says Moore

    Sony's stance unchanged it seems

    It's been about a year since Sony told EA executives to talk to the hand regarding subscription service EA Access, but the publisher doesn't seem all that bothered these days. Speaking with GameSpot, bigwig Peter Moore said it "doesn't matter" that the service is not available on the PlayStation 4 – despite the...