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  • Video Racing Around the Bend in DriveClub VR on PS4

    Need for speed

    There can be few better fits for virtual reality than sitting inside the cockpit of a supercar and racing around scenic settings. DriveClub VR attempts to repurpose the core gameplay of its popular PlayStation 4 forebear for PlayStation VR, stripping it of its visual fidelity but adding all-important head tracking in the process. In...

  • Review DriveClub VR (PS4)

    Eyes on the road

    One day, the veterans of Evolution Studios will tell their great grandchildren the tale of DriveClub, and it'll make for entertaining listening. The first-party, selected as one of the teams to help launch the PlayStation 4, missed its deadline by a country mile – and then delivered a product that ultimately didn't work. But the...

  • News DriveClub VR's New Tracks Will Be Added to Base Game for Free

    A thank you to fans

    There's been something unexpectedly sweet about the closure of Evolution Studios. Don't get us wrong, it's bitterly disappointing to see the developer shut down – but we're used to these kinds of stories ending badly. In the case of the Runcorn-based company, though, the team's been kept together by Codemasters, it's getting a...