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  • News UK Sales Charts: You Guessed It

    To be fair -- not much else launched in the UK last week to challenge Zumba Fitness' unbeatable reign

    There was movement elsewhere however. Cars 2 climbed into second, while Call Of Juarez: The Cartel sticked to the top three. Elsewhere there's really not much else to say: regular favourites DiRT 3, FIFA 11 and Call Of Duty: Black Ops all charted. Someone topple Zumba Fitness, please. Zumba..


  • News UK Sales Charts: Keep On Dancing


    Zumba Fitness is still top of the UK sales charts this week, beating out Codemasters' DiRT 3 and Activision's Transformers: Dark Of The Moon to take the top spot again. The top ten was familiar territory this month, with Top Spin 4 and Virtua Tennis 4 both taking up slots in the aftermath of Wimbledon, and favourites such as L.A. Noire, Brink and LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean filling up the..




  • News DiRT 3 Likes To Party With Cardboard Robots

    Upcoming rally-racer DiRT 3 is a game after our own heart

    It totally knows how to party. Screw nightclubs and supermodels, we're all about rally cars and cardboard robots. DiRT 3 gets what's up, yo. According to Rock Paper Shotgun, DiRT 3 will boast a multiplayer party mode consisting of three unique mini-games. On the agenda is Invasion, where you'll smash up robot shaped cardboard cut-outs in..


  • News Way To Send Our Hype Levels Through The Ceiling, DiRT 3

    We played DiRT 2 for an outrageous amount of time

    When we got the platinum trophy, we'd probably put in close to 40 hours with the rally title. To be honest, despite absolutely adoring the previous entry, DiRT 3's been bubbling under our radar a bit. Well it had been. Now Codemasters has released this amazing slow-motion trailer showing off Group B rallying. Hype levels rising... Rising...



  • News Sliding Cars Around *Is* Ridiculously Good Fun

    The most fun thing about DiRT 2 (aside from its lavish presentation and addictive progression) was the way the cars handled

    It wasn't a simulation game, nor it was it an arcade game — it was somewhere in between. That made sliding around corners ridiculously satisfying. Codemasters clearly understands the strength of its drift mechanic, with this DiRT 3 trailer focusing on a "trick..



  • News DiRT 3 Gets Weather Effects, We're Singing In The Rain

    Do you know what's better than DiRT 2? DiRT 2 in the rain, or, more efficiently, DiRT 3

    That's right valued readers, Codies' new racer will feature brand-new weather effects. This target render of a rainy route shows some of Codemasters' ambition with the new title, while other screens show off snow and dusty tracks. But rain! Look, it's raining! Slippy-slidey.

  • News Codies: DiRT 3 "Is The Biggest Rally Game Ever Made"

    Codemasters released the first trailer for DiRT 3 over the weekend, and have followed up the reveal with a blow-out in this month's EDGE magazine

    In the issue, Codies game designer Matt Horsman describes it as "the biggest rally game ever made". They're not aiming small, then. Critically, the magazine notes that the festival setting of the last game has been removed. Hopefully the..

  • News Debut DiRT 3 Trailer Is Actually Super Cool

    As promised, Codemasters has released the first trailer for DiRT 3

    It doesn't really reveal much about the game, but it does have us totally pumped. The trailer shows a Ford driving through a number of different environments, before drifting beneath an exploding truck. We're hyped as we loved DiRT 2. How about you guys?



  • News Rejoice: DiRT 3 Is In Development, Confirms Codemasters

    Codemasters' VP Gavin Cheshire has confirmed that DiRT 3 is absolutely in development at the studio

    Speaking with EDGE on the studio's status as one of the last big publishers based in the UK, Gavin stated:“Really, it’s all about letting the teams just innovate. There’s some great stuff coming from Birmingham that’s going into Dirt 3, and obviously you’ve seen Bodycount. “I guess in..