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  • Review Deadpool (PS4)

    A marvel

    Deadpool's PlayStation 4 port is a hard one to review, considering that it's just a straight port – no graphical update, no new modes, not even any new extras. At first glance, £30 for a game that launched a couple of years ago seems a bit steep. Luckily, this is a game that has aged well. On the PS4 we've had our share of bad ports –...

  • News Activision Demands Your Milk Money with Deadpool PS4 Port

    Dead cool?

    Deadpool was never a particularly good game to begin with, but with a new movie on the horizon, Activision clearly sees value in re-releasing the ageing PlayStation 3 title on the PlayStation 4 – and its $49.99 asking price is the punch line. The title will be available on Sony's new-gen system from 17th November, according to a tweet...