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  • Review Owlboy (PS4)

    Golden egg

    When Owlboy was first shown over a decade ago, pixel art indie games weren't all that common, but over the course of its lengthy development, they became increasingly numerous as independent development grew more popular. Nowadays, it feels like there are almost too many of them, to the point where a lot of players will write off games...

  • News Acclaimed Platformer Owlboy Lands on PS4 Next Week

    Physical edition later

    D-Pad Studio has announced that its celebrated pixel art platformer, Owlboy, is finally heading to PS4. The digital version of the game is due to release on 10th April. The game was first announced for PS4 with a 13th February release date, but it never materialised, and was quietly delayed. The trailer above also includes a...

  • News Pixelated Platformer Owlboy Swoops Onto PS4 in 2018

    What a hoot

    Owlboy, an indie platformer that was first shown nearly a decade ago, will finally launch on PS4 on 13th February, 2018. The game has been available on PC for a year to the day, where it enjoyed universal critical acclaim.  In this award-winning 2D sidescroller, you take control of Otus, who is - you guessed it - half owl, half...