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  • Review Croixleur Sigma (PS4)

    Tower offence

    If you're up for an accessible, hectic action game starring strange little girls, then you could do much worse than Croixleur Sigma – a Japanese indie title that's arrived on the PlayStation 4 after a reasonably successful stint on PC. This enhanced console edition comes with two new playable characters, expanded story episodes, and...

  • News Croixleur Sigma Is like a 3D Phantom Breaker on PS4

    It looks just as crazy, too

    A no doubt niche Japanese title that's just happened to catch our eye, the awkwardly named Croixleur Sigma is coming to the PlayStation 4. It's a boisterous beat-'em-up that's incredibly reminiscent of Phantom Breaker in that it features little girls that boast ridiculous powers, but there's one key difference: this one...