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  • News Strike! The PS4 Gets Its Bowling Game At Last

    Don't be a turkey

    The software variety on the PlayStation 4 is frankly outrageous, but we've been waiting patiently for a new High Velocity Bowling or something similar. There's good news coming out of Corecell Technology, then, as it's announced that Crazy Strike Bowling EX is in development for the new-gen system. Some of you will remember a...

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    Review AeternoBlade

    Aeterno punishment

    If there's a checklist for revenge you'd imagine it would go something like this: Step One – dig two graves; Step Two – serve cold. In AeternoBlade – a new action platform title on the PlayStation Vita – the game's heroine, Freyja, could certainly use just such a list. Not only has her hometown just been levelled by Dark...