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  • News Make Handsome Jack Happy with Exclusive Borderlands 3 Clothing

    Hard to Vault

    If you’re looking for a pick-me-up while locked up in your own personal Vault, why not treat yourself to Zavvi’s exclusive Borderlands 3 clothing line? Released to coincide with the looter shooter’s latest expansion pack, the range spans everything from t-shirts to hoodies and much more. Some of the items will only be available...

  • News Sonic Gets New Fashion Line with Puma Ahead of Movie Release

    Happening hedgehog

    Have you been clamouring from some brand new Sonic the Hedgehog clothing? Do you want some blue blur merch that's actually worth owning? Sports brand Puma has teamed up with SEGA to release a whole new range of apparel and footwear, and it ain't half bad. The RS-X³ SONIC sneakers, for example, look pretty good. There's one...

  • News Officially Licensed PlayStation Glasses Promise to Make You a Better Player

    Should have gone to Specsavers

    Sony has teamed up with Numskull to create some official gaming glasses, a product which the manufacturer claims will give gamers a competitive edge. In actual fact, these are just spectacles with standard filters applied to the lenses, meaning that they’re more likely to prevent headaches than transform you into a...

  • News Licensed PlayStation Hoodies Celebrate Two Iconic Consoles

    Live in your world

    If flaunting your PlayStation fandom is something you like to do, then Merchoid have a couple of new licensed hoodies designed for you. Inspired by the PSone and PlayStation 2, the £44.99 pullovers celebrate Sony’s classic consoles by reflecting their colour schemes and designs. The PSone top, for example, has a large circular...

  • News Dress to Impress with Licensed Street Fighter V Clobber

    Geek chic Masters

    Street Fighter is one of the few franchises that's more than a game – it's a cultural touchstone. It's no surprise, then, to see merchandise manufacturers go crazy with licensed goods for the latest entry in the fighting franchise. Numskull, known for its seasonal Street Fighter knitwear, has gone particularly nuts ahead of the...

  • News This 20th Anniversary PlayStation Fashion Is Sure to Impress Your Friends

    Some of your friends, anyway

    You may not know this, but Push Square won the incredibly prestigious 'Best Dressed Video Game Journalism Team Award' for 2014 (Note: award may not actually exist). Indeed, from Associate Editor Robert Ramsey's custom-fitted fedoras, to this reporter's trademark double denim, we are a remarkably fashion forward firm...

  • Weirdness Sony's Made a Watch Out of E-Paper

    Time for something different

    Under the leadership of former PlayStation president Kaz Hirai, Sony is secretly exploring new methods that it hopes will propel it back to profitability in the future. One such subsidiary that it’s created on the quiet is Fashion Entertainments, a small startup consisting of five younger engineers, which has been...

  • Weirdness Persona 4 Lovers, We've Found You a Hallowe'en Costume

    Beary good

    Hallowe’en is fast approaching, which means that you’re probably panicking over outfits right now. Don’t settle for the bog-standard zombie, though, as this Teddie getup from Persona 4 should have your buddies scratching their heads. The cosy fleece comes complete with character appropriate details, such as a big zip on the rear,...

  • Weirdness These PS4 Sneakers Are Sublime

    "Please could you not step on my dunks?"

    Confession: this editor purchased a pair of Air Jordans a few years ago. As has become a parody for some parts of popular culture, they never get worn – primarily because they cost an arm and a leg. Fortunately, they weren’t as expensive as these custom PlayStation 4 sneakers, which will set you back...

  • Weirdness You're Going to Want This Nifty PSone Bag

    Geek chic

    Want a tip regarding the inner workings of the Push Square hive mind? If we start trotting out clothes or accessories, then you can guarantee that it’s a slow news day. Yes, we’ve had the Minecraft acquisition which is a big deal, but this author’s spent the day trying to work it all out. The two scrapped articles and several hours...

  • News Flaunt Your Format Allegiance with Fresh PlayStation Threads

    Console warrior's uniform

    Gaming clothes can be awfully geeky, but British tailor Insert Coin has made it its mission to produce a selection of trendy threads based upon our favourite pastime – all of which, you could actually wear on a night out. And as part of its ongoing partnership with PlayStation, the clothing line has added a couple of new...

  • News Dress Like Joel from The Last of Us This Christmas

    Practice your Texas twang

    We hope that you’ve still got the sprouts of facial hair from your hopeless Movember attempt intact, because they may come in handy if you’re attending a fancy dress party this holiday. Insert Coins, the fine British tailor behind many a stylish video game themed tee, has a rather nifty shirt in stock – and it’s...

  • Weirdness This Mass Effect Dress Is the Best Outfit on the Citadel

    FemShep would be proud

    Video game shirts are great and all, but they pale in comparison to Black Milk Clothing’s awesome range of Mass Effect-themed outfits and accessories. The Australian boutique designer launched a line of licensed Mass Effect garments overnight, and they’re pretty much our favourite threads on the Citadel. Yeah, we know that...

  • News PaRappa the Rapper Is Making a Clothing Comeback

    You gotta believe it

    Fashion label Insert Coin recently announced a partnership with PlayStation – and it’s launching the initiative with a fresh selection of threads based on PSone classic PaRappa the Rapper. You’ll be able to show your fondness for the freestyling hound with a replica of

  • E3 2013 Sony Sends a Message with Slick PlayStation Developer T-Shirts

    No hurdles, just games

    Sony’s really eager to establish the PlayStation brand as a developer-friendly environment. The company has spent the past year or so recruiting smaller studios to its platforms, and it’s made an even stronger push in that space over the past six months. In order to underline its close relationship with indie outfits, the...

  • News Sharpen Up with These Slick PlayStation Cufflinks

    Dressed to impress

    Nothing says “hire me” quite like a pair of PlayStation-themed cufflinks. North American jeweller The Purple Armadillo has a selection of Sony-inspired accessories for sale to complete your corporate look. Amongst its wares are a couple of DualShock 3-esque fasteners, which are sure to

  • News You Gotta Believe in This Replica PaRappa the Rapper Hat

    Step on the gas

    We always thought that our authentic Journey scarf was the ultimate piece of PlayStation clothing, but this PaRappa the Rapper beanie hat takes the figurative biscuit. The tangerine orange head-warmer is marked with the familiar frog logo on the front, while it wears the PlayStation 2 branding on the back. We’re guessing that this...

  • News Now This is How You Sell Move in Paris

    With spandex and coloured dots, of course

    We've seen Move lend itself to some crazy costumes already, particularly the Move Men featured in this Norwegian advert for the controller, but this neat ensemble seen at Paris Games Week might take the cake. Sony's motion controller had a big presence at the show, with practically every Sony-published Move...