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  • News Child of Light Director Isn’t Working on a Sequel

    It couldn't be a game as a service

    While never officially announced, a sequel to Ubisoft's Child of Light has been hinted at a couple of times. However, according to an interview with the original game's director, if it is in development, he isn't working on it. Speaking with Videogame Chronicle, director Patrick Plourde said that the game isn't in...

  • News Child of Light 2 Is Looking Like a Lock

    Hopefully it's not more schlock

    Ubisoft’s twee role-playing game Child of Light will likely get a sequel, as creative director Patrick Plourde teased that there are “very cool projects in the [the series’] universe” afoot. He followed up with a photograph of the just-announced Nintendo Switch edition, which not-so-subtly shows a document...

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    Review Child of Light

    Painted paradise

    Republished on Wednesday 30th August 2017: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of September's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. Child of Light, a new two-dimensional role-playing game from Ubisoft, is best described using the titles that it was so...

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    Review Child of Light

    Summer child

    It took longer and was more brutal than a rap battle between J.R.R. Tolkien and George R.R. Martin, but Child of Light has finally made it to the PlayStation Vita. Those of you who have been desperately waiting to see what all the fuss was about can, after almost three months, join Aurora on her rather poetic quest to save the world...

  • News Child of Light Points a Beacon in the Direction of PS Vita

    Aurora in wonderland

    When we reviewed Child of Light back in April, many pondered whether the resplendent role-playing game would extend to the PlayStation Vita. While publisher Ubisoft was coy at the time, it’s now confirmed that Igniculus and crew are set to march onto Sony’s handheld system in July, giving you yet another reason to return to...

  • News Child of Light Can Be Played as Lighthearted or Hardcore JRPG, Says Lead Writer

    Looks can be deceiving

    As Child of Light's PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 release date draws ever nearer, the throwback retro-inspired JRPG continues to throw up little surprises. For example, at first glance the game's beautifully crafted hand drawn and water coloured aesthetics – powered by the UbiArt engine – lend it a look resonant of genre...

  • Hands On Ubisoft Abandons Weapons for Watercolours in Child of Light on PS4

    Sweet child o' mine

    Female protagonists are a rare sight. Most games lean towards a male lead, allowing women to – at most – occupy the role of a sidekick. Child of Light, however, sees a young girl take centre stage in an intriguing PlayStation 4 production. Elaborately named Aurora, the protagonist is a princess, and although her crown slips...