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    Review VRFC

    More Hazard than Eden

    VRFC is a strange beast. To get anything from it you need to be able to embrace its lunacy. It might not be a true-to-form example of the beautiful game, but it sure is fun. That is, after you get past the steep learning curve, at least.  For the first couple of hours, VRFC is a baffling experience. There's a tutorial...

  • News How the Heck Is Football Supposed to Work with PSVR?

    Hand ball

    We reckon you could probably make a pretty great American Football game with PlayStation VR, especially from the quarterback position – but how is soccer supposed to work? Well, SportsBarVR developer Cherry Pop Games reckons it’s figured it out with VRFC – a new football-based virtual reality title set to release on 27th February...

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    Review SportsBarVR

    Pot luck

    SportsBarVR is, as you'd no doubt guess, a virtual reality sports bar, which has all the attractions of a real sports bar minus the alcohol and the live footy. This leaves you with pool, darts, air hockey, and skeeball, with more due to be added in the future. Pool is the most interesting game on offer here, and it's playable in four...

  • News Embrace Your Awful Social Life with SportsBarVR on PS4

    For the loners

    Got no friends to go to a real sports bar with? PlayStation VR's got your back, as the makers of Pool Nation have announced SportsBarVR – a new multiplayer social experience that will allow you to chug drinks and play pool in virtual reality with up to six other people. It's clearly very cool technology, but it's all a bit tragic...

  • Interview Chatting Pool Nation FX on PS4 with the Potty Cherry Pop Games

    Balls to the wall

    Communicating with developers in a professional capacity can occassionally be a buttoned up affair, but Manchester-based indie outfit Cherry Pop Games prefers to forget the formalities. Following the successful launch of Pool Nation on the PlayStation 3, the company is currently polishing up an enhanced PlayStation 4 port dubbed...