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  • News Footage Emerges of Cancelled Prince of Persia Reboot, Looks Rad

    Wall runner

    Update: According to ex-Ubisoft and Naughty Dog animator Jonathan Cooper, this is not gameplay footage, but a target render. "This target game footage (pre-rendered game pitch) inspired our own pitch for Assassin's Creed III as they did such a great job making it look like real gameplay," he said. Original Story: Here’s a strange...

  • News Silent Hills Inspired Survival Horror Allison Road Binned

    Statement incoming, apparently

    It looks like Silent Hills-inspired survival horror Allison Road has taken a little too much inspiration from Hideo Kojima's ill-fated reboot, as the promising looking title has been canned. Originally the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, developer Lilith scrapped crowd-funding when Team 17 got involved as a...

  • News Dead Nation 2 Concept Art Stumbles into Sight

    Bullet to the brain

    It seems like a sequel to Housemarque’s popular dual-joystick shooter Dead Nation was on the cards at one point. The official website of concept artist Amar Djouad features three pieces of artwork from the hypothetical follow-up, one of which includes dinosaurs. Sadly, according to the employee’s CGHub portfolio, the project...

  • News Take a Look at the PlayStation 4 Game That You'll Never Play

    Got to getaway

    No matter how longingly you stare at the artwork embedded within this article, the game’s never coming out. It was canned, alongside developer Studio Liverpool, back in late August 2012. The concept art – penned by industry veteran Darren Douglas – demonstrates a slew of dramatic heist scenes, which match up with rumours...

  • News Sony Cancels Former LittleBigPlanet Developers' Vita Game

    Mismatch of expectations

    A team comprised of former LittleBigPlanet developers has turned to Kickstarter following the cancellation of its first PlayStation Vita project. Ambient Studios – which was founded in 2011 – had been working on a Sony-funded handheld title for a year before the platform holder decided to pull the plug. “We'd been...

  • News What Was Bizarre Creations Up to Before It Closed?

    Making magic

    Hands up if you've played Blur? Not many of you, huh? That’s a real shame, because the Bizarre Creations developed combat racer is one of our favourite titles on the PlayStation 3. Not only does it have a solid single-player campaign, but it’s also augmented with one of the slickest online components we’ve ever had the fortune to...

  • News Move Stripping Game Dancing Eyes Canned

    For shame

    What do you get when you combine PlayStation Move, tiny monkeys and stripping? Dancing Eyes is the answer — or, at least, it was. Famitsu (via Andriasang) reports the game is now cancelled and won't see the light of day. Namco Bandai hasn't given any reason for the cancellation, but we imagine it's something to do with the tiny monkeys...

  • News SEGA Cans Games, Focuses on Big Name IPs

    Blue sky gaming

    SEGA has revealed it will cancel games and focus on sales-proven IP in the future. The company's report cites Sonic the Hedgehog, Total War, Football Manager and Aliens as examples of the strong series it'll support in the next period and beyond. SEGA didn't reveal which titles would be canned, with a look through our list of

  • News Trio Of Cancelled PlayStation 3 Titles Revealed

    A list of three cancelled PlayStation 3 titles have been revealed via the LinkedIn portfolio of Sony Santa Monica's Steve Johnson

    The God Of War studio was apparently working on three titles, including High Rise, Hand Of God and Psynapse. All three releases have since been cancelled. Johnson's profile also acknowledges work on two unannounced...