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  • Review BUTCHER (PS4)

    Resurrection of evil

    Last year's fantastic DOOM reboot nailed the energy and relentless forward motion of id Software's industry defining FPS, stripping out any sort of meaningful narrative in favour of a lighting-fast funhouse ride. Yet where DOOM 2016 gave old fashioned mayhem a shiny new coat of paint, Transhuman Design’s BUTCHER keeps the...

  • News 2D Shooter BUTCHER Channels Its Inner DOOM on PS4 This Month

    Bloody hell

    If you're up for some rock hard 2D shooting, then BUTCHER might be just what the doctor ordered. Inspired by the likes of DOOM and other 90s blast-'em-ups, BUTCHER is stuffed with blood, guts, and a ridiculous amount of ammunition. It launches for PlayStation 4 on the 9th May, and you can get a good eyeful of it in the trailer that we've...