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  • Soapbox Why Action Henk and Broforce Have Me Hooked

    Sam Brooke is enamoured with March's PS4 indie arrivals

    I admit it – I have a big soft spot for indie games. Call me weird, but I can't get enough of these low-budget beauties because they're forced to innovate using the limited resources that they have and can create genius new mechanics, or simply refine existing systems to perfection. Anyway,...

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    Review Broforce


    If there's one thing that the United States has primarily contributed toward the betterment of society, there's no shadow of a doubt that it's 80s and 90s action flicks. Filled to the brim with fearless heroes killing innumerable amounts of communist fascists, terrorist scum, and extra-terrestrial threats, few can resist a...

  • News Broforce's PS4 Launch Trailer Shows Why It's a PlayStation Plus Winner

    Freedom fighters

    Maybe you didn't vote for it, maybe you'll never play it - but we want you to at least give Broforce's PlayStation 4 launch trailer a look. The video's a bit like a Saturday morning cartoon opening, but with way more guts, death, and explosions. Okay, so it's not the most elegant trailer that we've ever seen, but it's at least got...