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  • Review Pizza Titan Ultra (PS4)

    Papa don't preach

    Pizza Titan Ultra is a bit like Crazy Taxi with more cheese. You control a giant city levelling Gundam, and your objective is to sprint from tower block to tower block, delivering delicious Margherita with a colossus iron fist. Each delivery sees you gain additional time, while evil enforcers will attempt to prevent you from doing...

  • News Pizza Titan Ultra Is the Mech Pizza Delivery Game You Never Knew You Wanted

    Pizza time

    Who says games don't innovate anymore? Breakfall, the indie studio behind the insane party game Starwhal, is back with another crazy premise, and it honestly looks excellent. It's called Pizza Titan Ultra, and you can see it in action in the above trailer. Essentially, the game has you delivering pizza in a futuristic city via a giant...

  • Review Starwhal: Just the Tip (PlayStation 4)

    Off the (nar)whal

    It's hard to sell someone on a niche indie game when there are so many bigger, more popular options out there – but we're going to try anyway. Starwhal: Just the Tip certainly isn't for everyone, but its couch-based action makes it a real treat for those who crave multiplayer mayhem. Sony's consoles, and the PlayStation 4 in...