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  • Guide How to Beat All of Dark Souls III's Bosses on PS4

    Gotta vanquish 'em all

    It's time to kindle the bonfire once again, brave knight: Dark Souls III has arrived to give you a timely blast of boss fight blues. But worry not, hardened warrior – we come wielding hints for all of the major fights in From Software's freshest foray. Seeing as you lot shouted at us for spamming the homepage with...

  • Guide How to Beat Bloodborne: The Old Hunters' Bosses

    A hunter's nightmare

    Bloodborne is back with The Old Hunters, a brutal but brilliant slice of post-release content that not only massively expands upon the release's arsenal but also includes new environments and, of course, boss battles. Following on from our coverage earlier in the year we've decided to put together a guide for all five of the big...