Tag: Bad News

  • News GAME Enters Administration, Closes 277 Stores

    2,000 made redundant

    GAME Group plc. has entered administration. The retailer filed for administration last week but, having been unable to find a buyer over the weekend, was officially placed into administration yesterday morning. Administrators PwC made an immediate impact on reducing the company's store portfolio, closing 277 stores with the loss...

  • News This MLB Bobblehead Game Really Should Support Move

    But it doesn't

    We've got a list as long as your arm of games we wish we could play with Move, but you might as well tear that list up and start a new one with this game right at the top. Japanese game MLB Bobblehead! has one of the most self-explanatory game names ever: it's a baseball game where all the characters have big heads. That's pretty much...