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    Review Apotheon

    Commence the Apotheonslaught

    Apotheon is the latest game from Capsized developer Alientrap, and also just happens to be the most recent in a long line of PlayStation 4 releases to debut as part of the Instant Game Collection. The quality of these freebies has been all over the board since launch, leading many to question the quality of this Greek...

  • News What Is PS4's PlayStation Plus Freebie Apotheon All About?

    Hades say I told you so

    You are a warrior that has beef with the Gods, and must scale Mount Olympus in order to dish out some rough justice of your own. Stop us if you've heard this one before. Apotheon, the PlayStation 4's headline PlayStation Plus freebie in February, may sound a lot like a certain other Sony developed series, but the side...

  • News Slay Your Mythological Demons with PS4 Platformer Apotheon in 2015

    "Bless my soul, Herc' was on a roll"

    It's very rare to see a game which features a wholly unique premise, but Alien Trap Games' new PlayStation 4 sidescroller Apotheon is one such title. This indie has a visual style which has to be seen to be believed. We're not kidding – go watch the trailer embedded down below. We'll wait. Seriously. If you...