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  • Review Amplitude (PS4)

    Blast from the past

    Before the musical camaraderie of Rock Band and before the introduction of plastic instruments with Guitar Hero, Harmonix was making a very different kind of rhythm game. The developer has long been a master of this genre, with a history on PlayStation stretching back to 2001 with the release of FreQuency on PS2. Its 2003...

  • News Amplitude Brings the Beat Back on 5th January

    Sound of the underground

    Cult PlayStation 2 classic Amplitude will finally return in rebooted form on the PlayStation 4 this 5th January. You may recall Harmonix crowd funding this revival – well, it's finally ready for release. The title will include "high-fidelity visuals, new songs, and a sci-fi narrative" all set to the title's trance-inducing...

  • First Impressions Bringing the Beat Back with Amplitude on PS4

    Music to our ears

    We'll forever remember the original Amplitude on the PlayStation 2 for one major reason: it forced us to listen to Slipknot, Papa Roach, and pseudo-religious group P.O.D. While they may not be the happiest memories, however, Harmonix's mix of WipEout and bad licensed music does still hold a special place in this author's heart, to...

  • News Amplitude Pumps Up the Volume in New Gameplay Trailer

    Bring the beat back

    Ah, the eternal conundrum: how do you make a game accessible to casual players without sacrificing the depth for hardcore fans? Amplitude thinks that it's found the solution in the form of Team Play, with this brand new trailer including the first ever footage of the title's 2v2 and 3v1 gameplay modes. The results are, er,...

  • News Amplitude Pumps Up the Volume in Fresh PS4 Footage

    Insane lanes

    Harmonix may have had to take the concept to Kickstarter, but a true PlayStation classic is making a comeback next year. Amplitude may not have sold gangbusters, but it wheedled its way into the hearts and minds of Sony fans on the PlayStation 2 – and this forthcoming PlayStation 4 reboot is sure to bring back a few fond memories...

  • News Amplitude HD Pumps Up PS4's Volume in March 2015

    Kickstarter campaign succeeds in closing hours

    We sincerely hope that Rock Band developer Harmonix is considering remixing B*Witched’s classic Rollercoaster for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 exclusive Amplitude HD, because the title’s gone through a few emotional corkscrews over the past couple of

  • News At Least Insomniac Wants a New Amplitude to Get Made

    Love letter

    Insomniac Games may have temporarily switched system allegiances, but that doesn’t mean that it’s done with PlayStation entirely. Writing on its official blog, the developer has issued a rallying cry to its fans, encouraging them to give Harmonix’s flagging Kickstarter campaign one final push. Regular readers

  • News PS2 Classic Amplitude Could Be Making a Comeback on PS4

    You need to fund it first, though

    While the likes of Rock Band Blitz and Rock Band Unplugged have offered permutations on the Amplitude formula, the original Harmonix developed PlayStation 2 exclusive remains the very best version of the controller-based rhythm format. Fortunately, the franchise could be making a comeback on the PlayStation 4 and...