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  • Review All-Star Fruit Racing (PS4)

    Running out of juice

    With arcade racing games almost extinct on PS4, the time is ripe for a good old fashioned kart racer, and as far as concepts go, fruit is a surprisingly good fit for the genre. We'll try and keep this pithy: All-Star Fruit Racing pits fruit-themed characters in races through fruit-themed tracks in fruit-themed cars. Is it a...

  • News There's a Freakin' Fruit Themed Kart Racer Coming to PS4

    Fruit loops

    If you thought Coffin Dodgers’ council go-karts based racing premise was a stretch, then you may need to sit down before watching All-Star Fruit Racing’s debut trailer. This juicy arcade outpace-‘em-up sees you harnessing the “power” of the planet’s greatest produce, using bananas and melons to bring down your foes. The...