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  • Review Ray Gigant (PS Vita)

    Yorigami killer

    Another dungeon crawling role-playing game from Japanese developer Experience, Ray Gigant is a good entry point to an often complex genre, boasting streamlined mechanics, an enjoyable story, and decent cast of characters. Adding to the Vita's already crowded catalogue of Japanese titles, does this tale of teenagers and colossal...

  • News Vita RPG Ray Gigant Sends Teens to Fight World-Ending Monsters in May

    Those crazy kids

    If Japanese role-playing games have taught us anything, it's that when the world's under siege from unstoppable Gods of destruction, mankind's best bet is to send in a bunch of teenagers to do the dirty work - and that's exactly what upcoming Vita dungeon crawler Ray Gigant is all about. Sporting a pretty neat art style and a bunch...

  • Review Superbeat: Xonic (PS Vita)

    Gotta go fast

    Those familiar with the DJ Max series back in the PlayStation Portable era will immediately recognise this rhythm game. Superbeat: Xonic is the newest addition to the rhythm game genre by developer Nurijoy. Rhythm games are no stranger to the PlayStation Vita, so how does this one fare? As with most music games, buttons get mapped to...