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  • News Co-Op Adventure A Way Out Has Already Sold Over 1 Million Copies

    Breakout hit

    Wow, A Way Out has done rather well for itself, it seems. The co-op adventure title launched just over a couple of weeks ago on the 26 March, but it's already managed to sell through over one million copies. We thought it'd be quite popular, but we didn't think we'd see that kind of figure so quickly. Impressive stuff. Developer...

  • Review A Way Out (PS4)

    It takes two

    In keeping with A Way Out's theme of co-operation, this review has been written by Senior Staff Writer Stephen Tailby and Reviewer Alex Stinton, and sees them discussing their joint experience. What follows is their thoughts on the game, presented in a conversational manner. Enjoy. Stephen: So, A Way Out, then. It's Josef Fares'...

  • Guide Can You Play A Way Out in Single Player on PS4?

    And is the co-op local or online?

    A Way Out is the latest game from Josef Fares, the man who brought us the rather excellent Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. While Vincent and Leo's adventure looks very interesting, something not everyone is clear on is just how you can play it; is it purely co-op, or can you, in fact, play alone? Is it local co-op...

  • Round Up A Way Out PS4 Reviews Stage a Prison Break

    Co-op king?

    A Way Out is one of the more interesting titles of the year; a story-driven set-piece laden spectacle played entirely in online or offline co-op. Published by EA and directed by Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons creator Josef Fares, this prison break escapade has always stood out from the crowd – even when Fares has been told to shut his...

  • News A Way Out Breaks Free with Cinematic Launch Trailer

    Home free

    Experimental co-op adventure A Way Out stages a prison break amid a wave of anticipation on the PlayStation 4 this week, and publisher EA has capped off the hype with a concise launch trailer. The cinematic clip demonstrates the title’s two-player format, while showing off a vast variety of scenes from the release, including a motorcycle...

  • News A Way Out Developer Hazelight to Receive All Profits, EA 'Not Making a Single Dollar'

    "All I've got is support from EA"

    The man leading development on A Way Out, Josef Fares, is notorious for his outspoken nature. He's certainly an entertaining and charismatic figure, but he clearly isn't shy when it comes to speaking about the business side of things. Fares has been touring A Way Out for previews recently, and an interesting quote...

  • News Josef Fares' A Way Out Has Gone Gold

    Way to go

    A Way Out, EA's upcoming co-op narrative adventure, has gone gold. The game's director, Josef Fares, took to Twitter to announce the game's status. If Josef Fares isn't ringing any bells, he's the mind behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. He also went viral during an intervi

  • News A Way Out's Josef Fares Was the Real Winner at The Game Awards 2017

    Swede goes insane on stage

    Credit where credit’s due: The Game Awards 2017 was genuinely good. There have been things to like about the show ever since Geoff Keighley went independent with it, but it finally felt like the event reached its full potential last night, with a good balance of entertainment, major reveals, and some lovely segments...

  • Rumour A Way Out Won't Break Out of Prison Until 2019 on PS4

    Potential internal e-mail

    As with pretty much every rumour on the internet, take this one with a gain of salt, but if a leaked set of internal emails over at EA are to be believed, A Way Out won't be coming to the PlayStation 4 until 2019. The leaked memo describes the co-operative experience as "one of the most anticipated games of 2019". It then...

  • E3 2017 A Way Out Will Not Have Online Matchmaking

    Couch it is

    A Way Out was revealed yesterday to a lot of praise at EA's Play event: it's a co-op adventure that tasks two players with working together as they break out of prison and then attempting to avoid the cops while trying to live out more normal lives. The cooperative aspect of the game is clearly a major factor, and director Josef Fares...

  • E3 2017 EA Announces New Co-op Game A Way Out

    Prison break

    One of the only new IPs announced during EA's press conference was A Way Out, from the man who brought us the emotional gut punch that was Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. It's a narrative driven co-operative game in which you and another player take control of two convicts, Leo and Vincent, with aspirations of breaking out of prison...