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  • Video Is 7 Days to Die on PS4 Crafty or Crappy?

    Eat the dirt

    It's been panned by the press but 7 Days to Die appears to be incredibly popular among PlayStation 4 owners regardless. We figured that we'd give the game a look in our latest livestream so that you can see what it's got to offer. Are you a fan of this undead outing?

  • Review 7 Days to Die (PS4)

    Kill me

    The premise behind 7 Days to Die is strong: it's an open-world zombie survival horror game smashed together with the crafting and building elements of Minecraft. That description sounds compelling, but the final product doesn't come anywhere near to being fun. Before you jump into the actual game, you are given a plethora of options to...

  • News Telltale Publishing Has Just 7 Days to Die

    Has the firm bitten off more than it can chew?

    The Telltale apocalypse is truly upon us, because the company's no longer content with inundating us with episodic outings – it's now going to publish external projects as well. The first of those, as teased on social media earlier in the week, appears to be 7 Days to Die – one of those...