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  • News Is Sony Discontinuing the 3G PlayStation Vita?

    North American stores slashing the price of the connected console

    A slew of Sony stores across North America have discounted the price of the 3G PlayStation Vita, with some outlets explaining that it’s because the premium console is about to be discontinued. Joystiq reports that you can currently purchase a bundle including a 3G handheld, an 8GB...

  • News AT&T Changes 3G Data Plan Prices

    More for... more

    AT&T's PlayStation Vita 3G prices have changed ahead of the console's launch in just under a month. You still have the option of $14.99 for 250MB, or heavier users can pay $30 for 3GB — an increase from $25 for 2GB. Will you be stumping up the extra cash for 3GB or is 250MB still the one for you?

  • News AT&T Reveals Contract Free PlayStation Vita Data Plans, Free Downloadable Game Offered To New Users

    The 3G version of the PlayStation Vita will not require a contract in North America

    The service will come in two flavours, with $15 bagging you 250MB of data and $25 netting you 2GB. Unsurprisingly, the prices are near identical to those offered for the iPad in the US. Players will be able to purchase data on a month-to-month basis, making the 3G...

  • News AT&T Reveals US 3G Data Plans for PS Vita

    No contract required

    AT&T announced at CES today that it will offer two data plans tor 3G PS Vita owners in the United States. For $14.99, users will recieve 250MB of monthly data , while $25 (not $24.99, oddly) will net you a 2GB monthly limit. Best of all, there's no contract. The wireless carrier also announced that users will receive a free...

  • News Sony Teams with Vodafone for Europe's Vita 3G

    Get the details inside

    After much speculation over exactly who would power Vita's 3G network across Europe, Sony has revealed it's joining forces with Vodafone to provide the console's always-on connectivity. The deal extends to the following countries: UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand and The Netherlands, and...

  • News Vodafone Announced As 'Preferred' PlayStation Vita 3G Partner In Europe

    Sony's announced that it has partnered with Vodafone to provide PlayStation Vita's 3G connectivity in regions across Europe

    The mobile giant will provide service in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand and The Netherlands. Those in France will receive service from Vodafone's partner in the region. Sony confirmed that the 3G model will include a SIM card "so..

  • Report PlayStation Vita Downloads Locked At 20MB Over 3G

    According to ASCII magazine , PlayStation Vita downloads will be locked at 20MB over 3G connections at launch

    The publication cites an unnamed Sony representative as the source of the information. Of course, a cap like that really limits the potential for 'on-the-go' downloads. Asynchronous gameplay data, save files and (potentially) Minis would be ok, but not a lot else. ASCII's source did stress..

  • News PS Vita Releases Globally 2011, Priced $249 and $299

    3G and Wifi, respectively

    Sony announced at their E3 presentation today that the PlayStation Vita will release globally by the end of 2011, and will be priced at $249/€249 and $299/€299 for the Wifi and 3G versions of the handheld. In Japan, the two separate SKUs will be priced at ¥24,980 and ¥29,980. The pricing falls mostly in line with...

  • News AT&T Providing Vita's 3G Service in North America

    Exclusive partnership confirmed

    AT&T was the only North American service provider to offer the iPhone when it launched in 2007 thanks to an exclusive partnership with Apple, and now the wireless company is doing it again with PlayStation Vita. The news same during Sony's E3 presentation, and when the exclusive partnership with AT&T was...

  • News Sony Says NGP is Perfect for MMO Gaming

    Could we see raids on the go?

    When most people think of MMOs and MMORPGs, they usually envision a lone PC player sitting hunched over his or her desktop, anchored in their seats for hours of gaming running on nothing but Red Bull and Cheetos. Sony however, sees it differently. In a recent interview with Games Industry.biz, Sony of Europe’s John...

  • News Survey Prices NGP at $350 for 3G, $250 for Wi-Fi

    Our survey says...

    While Sony may not talking too much about the details surrounding the release of the NGP, the developers working on the system certainly are. A few days ago some developers claimed to reveal an 11/11/11 release for the device, and now Ubisoft is joining the rumor mill by pricing the Wi-Fi and 3G models of the NGP in an online...

  • News NGP Wi-Fi vs 3G: Costs and Capabilities

    Feature face-off

    When it was first announced, the NGP touted a built-in 3G connection as one of its most drool-worthy features, enabling the device to connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere for web browsing, downloading titles from the PS Store or getting in some online gaming on the go, leaving gamers worldwide dreaming of Killzone-ing their...

  • News Two Different NGP Models Releasing

    Regular and Deluxe

    The EEDAR has weighed in a prediction price for the NGP launch price. All versions of the NGP released in Japan will have Wi-Fi capabilities as well as 3G connectivity built-in, but SCEE boss Andrew House says that a cheaper, Wi-Fi only version will be available for consumers outside Japan: The first thing to clarify, which I’m...

  • News Sony NGP Will Be Available In Multiple SKUs: With Or Without 3G Connectivity

    Sony announced this morning that their new handheld, the NGP, would feature 3G connectivity

    That functionality, according to SCEE boss Andrew House , will be entirely optional however. "The first thing to clarify, which I'm not sure the presentation did a perfect job of doing today, is that all of the devices will have Wi-Fi capability; a separate SKU will have 3G," House said. "So..