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  • Review Jeremy McGrath's Offroad (PlayStation 3)

    Rally no good

    Jeremy McGrath garnered much fame during the 90s, even earning the title ‘King of Supercross’. So, any fan of the man would hope that Jeremy McGrath's Offroad lives up to the name on the box. Sadly, this is a dull and repetitive paint-by-numbers racing game. The title does the minimum required for a game of this generation and...

  • News Jeremy McGrath's Offroad Crashes onto PSN Next Week

    Mud slinger

    It’s time to get filthy, because 2XL Games has announced that Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad will slide onto the PSN next week. The arcade racer will run at an unwavering 60FPS in full 1080p resolution. It promises a full single-player campaign mode with vehicle unlocks, in addition to an eight-player online multiplayer component with...