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  • Poll What Was Your Favourite PlayStation Game of 2013?

    Your vote counts

    We wrapped up our Game of the Year countdown earlier this week, announcing that Naughty Dog’s magnificent post-apocalyptic escapade The Last of Us had taken our overall Gold Trophy. This was the culmination of several days behind-the-scenes planning, as we worked through our review backlog to prepare a shortlist of cont

  • News Grand Theft Auto V Puts a Big Bullet Hole in the UK's Largest Entertainment Properties

    Running away with the cash

    In a shock more sizeable than the kind that comes from a souped-up defibrillator, Chart-Track has revealed that Rockstar Games’ controversial open world epic Grand Theft Auto V was the UK’s best selling entertainment product of 2013. Moving an impressive 3.67 million units, the sequel beat out the Blu-ray and DVD...

  • Game of the Year Watch Us Recap the Top Three PlayStation Games of 2013

    Like a Channel 4 countdown in a fraction of the time

    Game of the Year ain’t over until video editor Ben Potter renders one final YouTube wrap-up – and that’s exactly what the straight-talking movie man’s gone and done. That’s right, with our fictional Gold Trophy predictably presented to tear jerking undead-‘em-up

  • Game of the Year Gold Trophy - The Last of Us

    It can't be for nothing

    We’d love for this article to come as a pleasant surprise, but we suspect that it’s more obvious than a brick to the face. The Last of Us felt like a Game of the Year winner when it lurched onto the PlayStation 3 all the way back in early June, and nothing has really topped it in our eyes in the six or so months since...

  • Game of the Year Silver Trophy - Resogun

    Save the last humans

    Not just the best PlayStation 4 game currently available, but also one of the best releases published on a Sony platform in 2013, the brilliant Resogun rocketed to the top of our internal poll like a firework doused in gasoline. Finnish outfit Housemarque once again proved that it’s the master of the humble shmup, repurposing...

  • Game of the Year Bronze Trophy - BioShock Infinite

    God only knows

    Bold, brash, and brimming with more out-of-place Beach Boys records than a music store aimed at industrial rock fans [Bleurgh – Ed], it’s hardly surprising that BioShock Infinite soared to the summit of our Game of the Year poll speedier than protagonist Booker DeWitt when strapped into a bizarre lighthouse contraption. Irrational...

  • Game of the Year Best PlayStation 4 Games of 2013

    Playing with power

    It seems a bit strange to be selecting the best annual software for a system that's only been available for around a month, but consistency means that our Game of the Year countdown demands a PlayStation 4 category. This time last year the platform was little more than a pipedream, but the hot new hardware has bullied the...

  • Game of the Year Best PlayStation Vita Games of 2013

    Viva la Vita

    The past twelve months have proved mixed for Sony's miniscule machine. While the platform holder managed to put an end to the disappointing software droughts that plagued the PlayStation Vita in 2012, the portable powerhouse failed to really realise its sales potential yet again – despite a sizeable price drop and some stellar...

  • Game of the Year Best PlayStation 3 Games of 2013

    This is living

    It may be ending the year as the tired old video game veteran, but the PlayStation 3 can humbly hold its disc slot aloft, as this has been an outstanding year for the former flagship format. We know it's a countdown cliché to claim that it was a challenge to cut our list of Game of the Year candidates down to a manageable integer,...