With close to 50 games launching alongside the PSVR2, it’s easy to overlook some of the smaller VR ports like Zombieland: Headshot Fever Reloaded. This is a VR zombie shooter that drops you in the comedically violent world of the 2009 cult classic Zombieland. On first impressions, this isn’t going to be anything to write home about, and feels like a cheap cash-grab on an existing IP. But if you give it a bit of time, you’ll find yourself entrenched in a fun and snappy arcade experience that’s perfect for drop-in, drop-out sessions.

Zombieland: Headshot Fever Reloaded puts you in a base of operations alongside the four characters from the series. Abigail Breslin returns to voice Little Rock, Woody Harrellson’s brother Brett fills in for Tallahassee, and we have a couple of admirable attempts to replicate the performances of both Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone. There is some narrative reasoning for it all, but it doesn’t really matter. We’re just here to shoot zombies, and if you are too, you’ll be plenty happy with this game.

Missions feature an on-rail structure, much like a House of the Dead arcade shooter. You’ll face off against a bunch of different zombie types, with the aim of streamlining your runs and attaining constantly improving personal bests. It’s a simple formula, and levels are never longer than a few minutes so they make for short and sweet VR experiences — especially for newbies to Sony’s impressive headset.

There is a nice uptick in difficulty as you progress through the game, and trying to tick off each of the level’s challenges can become addictively entertaining. Outside of perhaps Pistol Whip, we’ve yet to find a VR experience that evokes “one more go” energy quite like this.

In the end, we were pleasantly surprised with Zombieland, even if it doesn't really lean on any form of movie-based nostalgia. Its simple yet effective structure meant that we were happy to sink yet another half hour into it, which was only aided by the enjoyable gun controls. It’s certainly not out to win any awards, and it doesn’t push the medium any further, but if you’re looking for a straight-to-the-point zombie shooter, you can’t really go wrong.