After the Fall is a co-op multiplayer, post-apocalyptic, first-person shooter from the developers of Arizona Sunshine, Vertigo Games. Decades after the 1980s apocalypse turned Los Angeles into a frozen wasteland, you join a group of underground survivors becoming what’s known as a Harvest Runner. Tasked with expanding your group’s hold on the city, you must clear vast areas of the undead while also collecting the required resources to provide your base, The Line, with the bare necessities to survive another day in this brutal world.

The Line is where you'll begin every play session, and it's a bustling multiplayer hub of activity with up to 32 other players present. With After the Fall being cross-play with PCVR platforms, this hub is the perfect place to chat to other more experienced players, edit your loadout, and find a squad if you happen to be playing alone.

There is a solid, one to four player campaign on offer in After the Fall, that’ll take three to five hours to see through, consisting of four main levels to try on varying difficulties, from Easy all the way up to Nightmare. Each will see you slaying hordes upon hordes of the undead as they run, crawl, or stumble towards you while you explore your surroundings. Throughout these levels, you'll also have to keep an eye out for any floppy discs that may be hidden in lockers, drawers, or just lying on shelves. Putting these into your wrist inventory slot can be cumbersome due to the PSVR2 Sense Controllers sometimes knocking into each other, but it's not a major issue. Taking these to the safe house at the end of the level will reward you with a range of new weapons, attachments, skins, consumables, and throwables, which also vary in statistics and rarity. It is a super rewarding loot system that encourages you to replay to unlock the rarest of equipment.

There's a great variety of zombies for you to blast to dust: Husks, Eaters, Brutes, Juggernauts, Smashers, and Skimmers. All of these have varying abilities: some will crawl their way to you via the ceiling, some will explode blinding you with gunk, and others will even pick you up, activating the headset haptic feedback. If the campaign alone wasn’t enough, there's also a Horde mode with endless waves to survive and a PvP mode with both Team Deathmatch and Free for All, should that take your fancy.

After the Fall is a standout co-op apocalypse shooter with a lot of similarities to Left 4 Dead. It has a plethora of content that's entertaining and thrilling to play both solo and as a squad. If you’re an FPS fan or are just looking for some multiplayer entertainment, we’d highly recommend you give this title a shot.