Switch the quadrant to match the squares. It's a mechanic popularised by Bejewelled and borrowed by Impressionware's victorian gothic themed PSP Minis debut. Vempire is certainly not deceiving to be any more than competent in gameplay: you switch the bricks to line up matching quadruples. Of course, there's a twist.

Each world contains four levels. Each of these four levels are hindered by a nasty gothic archetype, trying to hinder your path with dastardly techniques. Whether it's hiding the identity of the blocks, or spinning the screen, there's something to put you off your game here. You can counter these attacks by collecting gold and purchasing items, however the game is a little vague about explaining the use of these items.

Vempire has a rich graphical style, drawing influence from children's cartoons and the familiar Victorian gothic imagery of Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley. It's an endearing looking game, with a rich colour palette that really sets the PSP Go's screen off nicely.

The time-limited levels of Vempire also make it the perfect partner for quick sessions. Sadly, like a lot of launch PSP Minis titles, Vempire seems a little expensive at £3.99. Sure, there's plenty to it and the production values are great, but for a few more quid you could be buying something with much greater scope.


Having said that, Vempire is a cute and addictive little game, that's worth having on your PSP for those five minutes when you need to escape the real world.