It's probably coincidence that PAIN's Pinball Heroes table is a bit rubbish - the PSN title it's based on is certainly not one of our favourites in the PushSquare office, so there's no real love lost here.

When stacked up against the excellent High Velocity Bowling and Everbody's Golf tables, PAIN just looks a little too plain to recommend. It's a simple grey table, with few objects of interest save for an open Manhole cover in the centre of the screen. This serves as your point of entry for the tables laborious missions. The table lacks direction and inspiration, and it doesn't even have the strength of visuals.

There are sound-bytes and graphics from the PSN game that will excite fans (are you out there?) of the main title, but little else to excite.

It also doesn't help that the flippers are about a mile apart.


Pinball Heroes is a Playstation Portable application developed by Sony San Diego. ItÂ’s available from the Playstation Store where tables can be bought in bulk, or separately. Each table includes online scoreboards and trophies.