Many of Pinball Heroes tables opt for complicated, detailed stages with numerous objects from their source material. The MotorStorm table is not like that. There's a truck placed in the mid-section of the stage, but that aside this table is particularly plain.

Thankfully, the table is not a bad-looking one. Sony San Diego's really gone to town with recreating the mucky, dirty style of the MotorStorm franchise. The flippers are coated in a thick layer of mud, and the MotorStorm logo flashes prominently at the foot of the screen. It's a good looking table, just notably plain when compared to its counterparts.

You can build boost by hitting ramps around the side of the table, but like the real MotorStorm, it's important to cool your boost in order to avoid exploding into a ball of overheated flames.

The MotorStorm table is worth playing, but it's certainly not the best in the Pinball Heroes catalogue.


Pinball Heroes is a PlayStation Portable application developed by Sony San Diego. It’s available from the PlayStation Store where tables can be bought in bulk, or separately. Each table includes online scoreboards and trophies.