High Velocity Bowling's Pinball Heroes table is based on the aesthetic of the PSN game of the same name. That means there's a faux mid-50's vibe to the cabinet's aesthetic, with a huge ten-pin bowling graphic making up much of the screen.

The focus of the table is to clear the bumper with some carefully placed shots towards the middle of the table. This reveals ten lit up pins, which can be knocked down with some carefully placed swipes of the flipper. Hitting the first pin will usually result in a strike, which will obviously earn you the most points.

There are also some sub-points of interest on the High Velocity Bowling table. Hitting bumpers near the top-right of the table will light up images of fries, burger and milkshakes - cementing the mid-fifties American diner vibe.

It's a challenging table to rack up a high score on, but the bowling mechanic is interesting, and it's a vivid table aesthetically. It's not quite as clever as the Everybody's Golf table, but it's still worth checking out.


Pinball Heroes is a Playstation Portable application developed by Sony San Diego. It’s available from the Playstation Store where tables can be bought in bulk, or separately. Each table includes online scoreboards and trophies.