Based on Clap Hanz's Playstation golf franchise, the Everbody's Golf table in Pinball Heroes is a loving recreation of some of the game's concepts. Working with the golf theme, the Everybody's Golf cabinet is a cleverly designed table incorporating a putting green, driving range and, of course, Everbody's Golf's loyalty meter.

In the centre of the table are tabs which determine the shot-length meter. You'll need to use controlled use of your flippers in order to hit the 250-yard drives and open up the putting green. Each shot contributing to the yard meter counts as a stroke, with each "hole" having it's own par score. The rules work similarly to real golf - filling the driving range meter and entering the putting green all contribute to your total score, with the biggest points awarded to birdies, eagles and par.

Most interestingly, the table has a "wind" system, adapting based on the "hole" and changing the physics of the ball. It's noticable and a really clever touch.

The Everybody's Golf table has a rich vibrant look to it, with water hazards at the bottom of the table seeking to gobble up your balls.

Definitely the best of the Pinball Heroes tables.


Pinball Heroes is a Playstation Portable application developed by Sony San Diego. It's available from the Playstation Store where tables can be bought in bulk, or separately. Each table includes online scoreboards and trophies.