is a popular Playstation quiz franchise, providing a satirical look at gameshow culture. The PSP version of Buzz!: Brain Of The UK plays host to 1,000's of questions, a short singleplayer campaign and a couple of multiplayer options.

As always, the Buzz! presentation is razor sharp, providing some new "parody" lines from master host Buzz, as he mocks both British people and their culture. One of our favourite lines was, "three in a row, like a Sunday morning edition of Hollyoaks". It's the kind of semi-smug charm that makes Buzz! such an appealing and successful series.

Without beating around the bush, Buzz! is as fun in this package as it always has been. If you like the Buzz! games then there is no reason why you wouldn't like this. If you're a series veteran, you'll almost immediately notice that Buzz!: Brain Of The UK does nothing different compared to previous versions. Because of this, only you can decide whether the relatively low £14.99 asking price is worth it or not.

When we first approached the title of Buzz!: Brain Of The UK, we assumed the game would have some kind of British questioning theme. Sadly, while there are obvious nods to British culture in the questioning, it's not as apparent as you might hope. In fact, aside from quizmaster Buzz wearing a union jack tie, we're not entirely sure why the game is called "Brain Of The UK" at all. It's a shame that this release isn't able to find its own niche. Those looking for something different to previous PSP Buzz! games will be disappointed.

Buzz!: Brain Of The UK is really lacking in the multiplayer stakes unfortunately. Of the available options, you can play a "Share The System" mode where the PSP is passed around the room as people answer their questions. Alternatively, one person can become the quiz host, keeping count of the scores and reading the questions. There is nothing inherently wrong with the modes, they just feel a bit stripped down.


Buzz!: Brain Of The UK on PSP is a fun yet somewhat unnecessary addition to the quiz series. If you're absolutely itching for more questions, then this package should entice you.