Wolfenstein 3D is a game that has been around for a whopping 17 years and as such offers very little new. There are trophies to unlock and subsequent rewards for the upcoming Wolfenstein game on Playstation 3, but other than that this is the classic game unchanged.

You run through repetitive maze like levels shooting any Nazis you come across and that's about all there is to Wolfenstein. It's very simple and almost kitsch in terms of presentation and sound effects - but you have to remember this was ground-breaking in 1992. If you've never played Wolfenstein before then be warned - while this game was one of the founders of the FPS genre you enjoy today, it hasn't aged particularly well.


That doesn't mean it isn't fun as a nostalgia piece though. So long as you enter Wolfenstein 3D with your expectations in the right place, there is certainly a decent experience to be had.