Greed Corp is essentially a strategy board-game based in the fantasy world of Mistbound. The game's main focus - aside from staples such as building and development - is sweet, sweet destruction, and some of the visual effects make that extremely satisfying.

Playing out on a hexagonal board, Greed Corp is all about land grab. The difference here is that each hexagonal space can be destroyed. You'll need to mine the land to earn resources, but leaving those resources on a crumbling rock means they can fall to an untimely death, or be susceptible to enemy cannon fire. Not good.

The elimination of units is essentially your path to success. Your objective is to be the last faction standing. Taking out enemies requires shrewd thinking, but there aren't necessarily a wide range of pieces available. You'll be in control of Harvesters (which earn you currency), Armories (which earn Walkers, movable pieces), and Cannons. The last piece is the carrier, which allows you to move to anywhere on the map. The game's opening tutorial isn't particularly brilliant at teaching you about these pieces, but after a couple of hours play you'll get the gist of it. What's brilliant is that despite the limited options, there are plenty of strategies you can play. And as it's a turn-based board game affair, those players often put off by the super-quick nature of Real Time Strategy games will find they are able to mull over every element with much more freedom. Essentially making it pretty accessible.

Greed Corp's very much designed around its multiplayer, but a rather lengthy and enjoyable Campaign not only adds value to the experience, but also acts as a neat little training tool for when you do venture into the multiplayer.

Graphically, Greed Corp has a very unique look to it. Everything is designed in a rich fantasy style, and there are plenty of bright colours and visual effects to draw you in. The music's not fantastic but suits the purpose, though is prone to irritating others in the room.


If you fancy yourself a strategy game boff, you'll probably get into Greed Corp almost instantly. Other more casual players will require a few hours to get to grips with the game, but it's worth the endeavour. The multiplayer's fantastic and the single-player's pretty decent too.