The gameplay has a frantic feel to it, with characters defying physics both in their armoury and combat abilities - hence the name, we assume.

Cellfactor has a rather simplistic single-player "campaign" accompanied by some more worthwhile multiplayer options.

Jumping back into Killzone 2 the same week we reviewed this, we couldn't help but be taken in by the games simplistic nature. Closest in kin to the likes of Quake III Arena, Cellfactor has a very "floaty" feel to it which makes navigating maps and combat rather rewarding - especially seeing as you'll constantly be defying physics.

The maps define the word "generic" in terms of colour palette and decoration, yet they are still well designed and ensure combat is enhanced by giving players room to explore and find the best spots to dominate matches.

When we could find opponents online, we really enjoyed Cellfactor's multiplayer. There are standard deathmatch and team deathmatch modes to play, alongside CTF and "hacker". Hacker is one of the more interesting modes - essentially being a single flag CTF mode where teams must either attack or defend a base.

There are three main factions  in Cellfactor: the Bishop, the Black-op and the Guardian. Each character is totally customisable depending on how much "extra" you've unlocked. Each character type is equipped with their own individual powers too - for example the Guardian can dual-wield, the Bishop can strike enemies via kinesis and the Black-op can teleport. That's a diverse range m'friends.

Why would you not play as the Guardian? So, the characters may all have interesting mechanics but sadly only one matters. That's the Guardian. He can jump about fifty-gazillion feet into the air and can dual-wield rocket launchers. Ahem. Plus, he's hands-down the most fun to play. Which kind of renders the other factions pointless.

The game tries to fill out the experience with some single-player challenge modes but they are just arena mode matches with bots. Really stupid bots we might add. There are some conditions to be met, such as killing enemies with a certain weapon and stuff but... it's not really all that much fun.

This game is dull. Really dull. There are several shades of grey and really low-res textures. It is a download game and all, and yes, when you're in a full multiplayer match you don't have time to look at the textures, but hey, this game lacks personality.


Cellfactor: Psychokinetic Wars is an extravagant title for a "blast-from-the-past" shooter that has some decent execution derailed by a lack of personality and some design flaws.