Sadly, the game's agonisingly short.

What's a couple of quid worth? A pint of beer, perhaps. A ploughman's sandwich. Widget's Odyssey II will last longer than both, but not by much.

The game picks up from the last Widget's Odyssey title. The adorably annoying Spad, Monk, Cosmo Helmut and Bruce have returned to their home-land. But it's a real sight for sore eyes. Upon inspection, they find they are the last remaining robots of their species. Awww.

Each of the robots has different abilities, and you'll get to play as all five. You'll need to use each of the robot's unique abilities to navigate the puzzle-platform environments and solve a number of simple scenarios. Sadly, the game only has four levels, meaning you'll be done with it in about an hour. Developers Frima have added in some mini-games to help try and beef up the experience, but they do little to extend the game.


The game looks particularly pretty, with some well drawn environments, and the cut-scenes are fantastic (if you can stomach the slightly annoying characters). It just feels a little light. If Frima were to do some kind of deal for both Widget's Odyssey and its sequel at a reasonable price, it would be easy to recommend the platformer. But as it is, there's not enough replay value and core-length to make Widget's Odyssey II a must-have.